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An Ode To A Riverside Wonder - Rishikesh

It's very easy to please a person who has lived in a city for the longest part of their life. Promise them fresh air, green foliage, sunsets, native food, tranquility, and they're in awe. While traveling, a city person gets excited at the sight of an odd handpump in a passing village.   

Being by the river has always been romanticized in books. And that's the only version I've ever known. I've no recollection of having seen one in the past 27 years of my life. 

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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Monsoon Date With South Goa

Having fulfilled drinking, dancing and partying in Goa in our previous encounters, my friend and I decided it was now time to explore its tranquil side. 

We boarded a midnight train from Mumbai which would get us to Goa the following afternoon. To our surprise, we were greeted with splendid greenery of the Konkan route. It was worth ditching an easy one hour flight!

konkan maharashtra

Since this trip was strictly 'backpacking', we hopped on a bus from Madgaon which would take us to Palolem. Goa is well …

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Where To Eat - Hampi, Karnataka

You don't expect a place like Hampi to delight your taste buds. A region which seems still underdeveloped to cope with the tourist frenzy.

As you arrive in Hampi, you'll notice many shacks similar to Goa. The difference being, I've never quite had a good meal in Goa YET. Probably because I'm a vegetarian? I'm not giving up though.

The town is filled with establishments setup up by immigrants and some local families which serve mostly vegetarian food. You have a variety of spread including …

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The Mysterious Boulder Town - Hampi, Karnataka

I was always intrigued looking at pictures of Hampi. How the hell did so many rocks stack themselves up without falling apart, I wondered. The place seemed to have certain mysteriousness to it. I couldn't wait to be there. So when my friend asked me to join one fine long weekend, I jumped at the opportunity. I was finally going to be in boulder town!

hampi karnataka india

The land is known to be one of the oldest exposed surfaces on earth. The small rocks were all once part of a massive rock. Due to erosion a…

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When You Get Bored Of Mumbai, Head To Pune

I'm in a love/hate relationship with my own city. Loved by many, Mumbai, however, has not much to offer for travelers. The food, nightlife is good but apart from that, there is not much to explore in the city due to overcrowding and traffic.

Although Mumbai is a great place to have a base for international travelers as it is situated right in the center. So you can easily explore both northern and southern regions. It is well connected with flights, buses, and trains to major attractions all…

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The Reality Of Travel Lifestyle

Inspiration to write this struck me when I was talking to a fellow travel enthusiast who didn't quite enjoy his recent trip to Spiti Valley. I was shocked! All this while Spiti seemed like a dream destination. But was I really that shocked? 

Because it's true, I have been let down quite a few times in my travels too. It is something I learned very early on in my stint that traveling will bring its share of disappointments just like everything else in life. 

white town pondicherry
Picturesque town of Pond…

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First Hostel Experience - Zostel Gokarna

I had refrained from choosing hostel as a travel accommodation for the longest time. It just didn't seem to match my personality. Although I'm not really an introvert, I enjoy having the luxury of my personal space.

Hostels provide you with budget accommodation where you share dorms and some common areas with other travelers.

I was always curious though about how it would be living in a hostel while traveling. I had heard some great stories from friends and fellow travel bloggers. So when …

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Where To Eat - Udaipur, Rajasthan

My biggest motivation to travel to Udaipur was the food. I had not been to the state of Rajasthan before and Rajasthani cuisine majorly consists of dry food items which are my personal favorites. So more than visiting the palaces and temples, I was looking forward to my meals in Udaipur.

Vegetarians will have plenty of options here. I was traveling with a non-vegetarian friend and she never once complained about missing meat. The food was that delicious! You get to choose from elaborate thali…

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Udaipur, Rajasthan - Quaint Old Town

When I think of Udaipur, I think of narrow winding lanes. I think of Haveli-esque houses perched on the streets. I think of royalty from the history books. I think of majestic palaces and its architecture. And how can I forget the delicious vegetarian cuisine? 

Udaipur is a visual delight for souls who are seeking old charm from the bygone era. To an extent, the people here have preserved their culture. It's great to see a large section of the West easily amalgamating with the people of t…

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Why You Need To Climb The Sigiriya Rock In Sri Lanka

If you know me you know how much I refrain from arduous physical activity. Even the latest shift as a traveler has hardly changed me. My peak high of any trip is when I'm leisurely plopped on a sunbed at the beach reading a book. And I want the time to stop. But it never does and so while planning Sri Lanka, I was nervous as to how I'll be able to fit all of the country's attractions in 7 days. There was no time for leisure.

Also, read: Make The Most Out Of Sri Lanka

The Build Up


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My Sri Lankan Trail

Sri Lanka might seem like a small country to cover all parts in a single trip. But it's a vast expanse and you'll need at least a month. I just had a week for this trip. For my 6 nights / 7 days stint, I chose to explore 4 cities.

Colombo → Nuwara Eliya Kandy Mirissa Colombo

Sri Lanka is a budget destination if you make the right choices in terms of travel and stay. I traveled with my 2 friends so most of the costs were split to make my individual trip expense - USD 800 (al…

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Make The Most Out Of Sri Lanka

When I booked my tickets to Sri Lanka, some of my friends and family were surprised by the choice. Why would someone want to travel to a country which is basically an extension of India, they thought. They were so wrong.

nuwara eliya sri lanka

Pidurutalagala - View from the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a wonderful surprise. Partly because I did not overly research for this trip. And this is something I am going to follow for my future travels. Too much information leaves nothing for you t…

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Why You Should Choose Airbnb For Your Next Vacation

Many people I know are still unaware of Airbnb's concept. Few other people are perplexed at the thought of, 'Eww. How do we stay at a stranger's apartment on our holiday?'.

I don't blame them. Every new product takes time till it is fully accepted in the market. Especially when hotels have been an indispensable part of everyone's travels for years.

amed bali airbnb
Only at Airbnb: Unmatched Views

Undoubtedly, hotels are the most convenient option because of the host of services they offer. …

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Plan Your Trip To - Bali, Indonesia

Bali is fairly a budget destination. The only thing probably that will end up costing you a bomb are the flight tickets. That too if you are flying from outside of Asia. If your port of entry in Indonesia is Bali, most of the countries are offered free visa stamp on arrival valid for 30 days. 

For backpackers - Don't let the western influence scare you, there is still scope for you to explore the island with cheap yet quality accommodation and food. You can arrange your stay with the local…

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Bali, Indonesia - In Pictures - Get Inspired!

Am I a traveller or a tourist? I guess, I'm a little bit of both. My Bali itinerary consisted a mix of both tourist attractions and off-beaten trails. 

Hopefully, these pictures will inspire you to book your next flight to Bali!

bingin beach bali

[1] First things first, hit the beach! My friend, too eager to dip in the clear blue waters - Bingin Beach


uluwatu temple bali

[2] Great views, overlooking the Uluwatu Temple


rock bar bali

[3] Thanks to the western influence, some really cool bars are buzzing in Bali …

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Bali, Indonesia - So Much To Offer

Sitting at Mumbai's airport waiting to board my delayed flight to Kuala Lumpur, I was thinking about my final destination - Bali. Did I put in my two-month of research into what is a typical honeymoon destination? Has Bali reached its saturation point considering it is one of the top travel destination of the year? Will it be overcrowded with annoying tourists during this peak season? Will be like Goa?

It's not just about the beaches

rice paddies bali

Pretending to be a farmer in the rice paddies for a…

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3 Surprisingly Chic Yet Haggle-Friendly Places To Shop

I'm very excited about shopping while traveling to a new destination. It's not just about getting souvenirs back for friends and family but exploring the local fashion outlets. I'm not too keen on big brands which I know I can easily shop online at home. But every new place has got its unique style. I love to get back some pieces which are fairly common among the locals.

With only a few destinations ticked off on my bucket list, I still feel the need to share this list since they are popul…

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